Gold Recovery Key to Season 7 of Gold Rush

gold recoveryGold Recovery Key to Season 7 of Gold Rush

After sitting through the Finale of Season 7 of Gold Rush on The Discovery Channel I’ve come to a Grand Conclusion. No it’s not that Parker’s Girlfriend is cute as a button, or that Dave Turin can’t fight. The Lesson is my realization that the process of getting gold can be broken down into 3 easy steps.

There is a 3 Steps Procedure that all Successful Gold Miners follow in order to get the biggest bang for their buck.

Here is the 3 Step Procedure at all Successful Gold Miners Follow:

  1. Prospecting & Sampling for Gold
  2. Collections &  Classification
  3. Fine Gold Recovery

Let’s look at some of TV’s Most Successful Gold Miners and see if they follow this 3 Step Procedure.

From Gold Rush on The Discovery Network:

The Youngest Gold Miner Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel joined the show at age 18, in Season 2, to mine his Grandfathers Claim The Big Nugget Mine. The Claim has been in the family for years and his Grandfather had Prospected and Sampled the claim and knows where the Pay Streaks are. Using old equipment and a wash plant, well past it’s prime, hindered Parker’s Collection, Classifying and Gold Recovery. His first season Parker gets 34 Oz. The next years Parker spend thousands updating the wash plant and collects 191 ounces.

Parker befriends Yukon Gold Mining Legend Tony Beets. After seeing Tony’s operation Parker decides to step up his game and starts mining the Yukon.   Tony Beets has already Prospected and Sampled finding the pay streak on his claim at Indian River. It’s up to Parker to Collect, Classify and Recover the Gold.

In his first season in the Yukon Parker breaks 1000 oz. of Gold, the next year he breaks 2500 oz, the following year 3000 ounces. This current year he breaks 4000 ounces worth over $5 Million Dollars.

One of the main reasons for Parker’s Success is that he Prospected and Samples before he allocated resources. When he decided to mine an area his Collection, Classifying  and Gold Recovery had already been proved and streamlined to the point of eliminating wasted time and resources.

The King of The Yukon, Tony Beets

From humble beginnings to King of a Multi-Million Dollar Mining Empire, Tony Beets and Wife Minnie, with the help of his 3 children, have made the Beets name the Gold Standard in the Yukon. Tony’s Mantra is, “Drill, Drill, Drill!”. Prospecting and Sampling almost every square yard of his claims,  Tony knows where the Gold is and how to get it. Maximizing his profits by controlling his costs in Collection, Classifying and Gold Recovery has made Tony hugely successful.

A realist in the Gold Mining World of Big Dreamers. Tony have been wildly successful by not letting his emotions, feeling or reputation get in his way of finding better and cheaper ways to Find, Sample, Collect, Classify and Recover Gold.

The conflict in the past few season from the Beets crew has come in the form of Us (The Viewers).  Tony Beets Fans and Viewers of this show, myself included, Romanticize about running a dredge in the Yukon, chugging away and collecting mountains of gold with your best girl by your side.  That all came crashing down when Tony started to rip and tear apart his dredge. Dismantling the 80 year old dredge with little care for History or Respect for the floating behemoth.  His relationship with Fan Favorite, Parker drove this hard edged point home even further. Tony is here for one thing and one thing only, Getting The Gold.

Weather it’s his harsh exterior or foul mouth, Tony’s success cannot be denied. In his first season Tony’s Dredge pulled in almost 800 Ounces of Gold, in the end of this current season his gold total was over 2000 oz with an operating cost of almost nothing. When Minnie demanded payroll hours be reduced at the Dredge the crews were worried they would not be able to maintain their goal.  Surprisingly they surpassed their goal but not without the contribution of little sister Monica and her All Girl Wash Plant Crew.

Todd Hoffman Ignored  The 3 Steps and Paid the Price!

It is undeniable that without Todd Hoffman there would be no Gold Rush. Who in there right mind would back a show that took a dozen, down on their luck Average Joes, dropped them on a Gold Mining Claim and said, “Dig your way to your Dreams!”.  Lead by a Wild-Eyed Dreamer, Todd Hoffman, viewers tuned in week after week to see just how close they could come to disaster. The more the views turned on Hoffman the more they cheered on the efforts of his Plucky Underdog Team. Watching them mine is like watching a car accident in slow motion.  Talk about a Horse Designed by Committee.

Todd Hoffman from the start relied more on his “Gut” feelings then Prospecting and Sampling.  Processing worthless piles of dirt with old equipment while he romanticized about the hordes of Gold his amazing wash plant would collect. The end his first year he collected about 17 ounces, a hard lesson was learned.

Season Two find Todd and the crew of 316 Mining  on the outside looking in. Todd forgot to make his lease payment and his claim was leased to Seasoned Pro Dakota Fred Hirt.  Todd’s plight did not fall on deaf ears when the owners of Quartz Creek Mine offered Todd and Crew a place to mine for a percentage of the profits. The property was already Prospected and Sampled, all the owner needed was for Todd to Collect, Classify and Recover the Gold. Using the same old equipment Todd and crew were only able to get 95 ounces of Gold,

After a “Come to Jesus” meeting with claim owner Todd decided to step up his game and rely less on his Gut and more on Prospecting and Sampling before digging. The next season it finally came together for the Hoffman’s using the 3 Step Procedure.

The first thing Todd did was to lease some new, bigger earth movers. Todd brought on board Dave Turin and experience machine operator to help increase the Collection of Gold Bearing Material. To increase Classification, Todd turned to owner of MSI Mining Freddie Dodge who built a huge wash plant and finally Todd built a Gold Recovery Room with a Duplex Jig and Miller Table.

Having the new site Prospected and Sampled plus Todd’s investment in Collection, Classifying and Gold Recovery put Team Hoffman at the top of the leader board with over 800 ounces of Gold.

Riding a hot streak Todd listens to his famous “Gut” again and drags the entire crew to South America for a Malaria Infested Rain Forest Good Time. The Team returns with nothing but heartbreak and about 2 ounces of Gold. Todd finally admits that The Yukon is the place to be and set off again to the Great White North in search of a Claim.

The next year finds Todd back in the Yukon landing a claim where the gold streak had already been mapped out. The New Construction Equipment Arrives as does a new million dollar wash plant of Todd’s own design.  By coming back to the Yukon and getting more equipment Todd seems to have learned his lesson. He got the Prospecting & Sampling Part Down, He got the Collection Part Covered and even the Gold Room has been updated for better Gold Recovery. The one thing he forgot was Classifying. As usual his new wash plant was a huge failure, wasting much of his season. The only bright spot was that the Tried and True Classifying Wash Plant worked better than expected. Even with the late start and failure of Todd’s New Wash Plant the crew succeeded in collecting over 1000 ounces of Gold.

The next season finds Todd in a competition with Parker Schnabel. For some reason Todd thinks that Parker should show him some kind of respect. Todd’s animosity goes back to Season 1. Todd and crew are desperate. They finally get the hang of things and there water pump dies. Todd travels to Parker’s Grandfather John Schnabel Big Nugget Mine across the river and begs John to let his crew use his pump. John explains that all his equipment is already stored for the winter. Todd pleads with John and is turned away angry and disappointed.

Todd uses the next 6 Season to reinforce the idea that he is nothing more than a Spoiled Baby who doesn’t like to hear no.  With the Hoffman Crew running 2 Claims and Parker running 1 Claim the Race is on. Final Tally: Team Todd Hoffman 3032 Ounces, Team Parker Schnabel 3372

Riding the success of a $3 Million Dollar Season, Todd’s Gut tells him to change again and the result was 3 New Mine Starts, everyone quits. Leaving Todd, his father, his son and long time friend Thurber.  The season is saved by Freddie Dodge who needs Todd’s Equipment since he has a claim where he has already Prospected and Samples, Collected, Classified and Recovered Gold richer than any other claim he has worked. After the first cleanup Todd calls Dave Turin and tells him they’re getting the band back together and shows him the gold.

Shortly after the crew comes back Todd’s Gut tell him that he needs to open a second mine. Again without Prospecting and Sampling Todd agrees to work a second claim and puts Dave Turnin in charge. The Second Claim fails to deliver the kind of gold Todd projected and he put a lot of pressure on Dave who snaps, and eventually resigns from 316 Mining.  Later they kiss and makeup but the damage is already done. After a $3 Million Dollar 3000 Ounce Season they turn in a 1000 Ounce Season. Imagine how disappointing it would be if your boss tell you the he is only able to pay you 1/3 of what you pay has been in the past. This is what started the downward spiral for the Hoffman Crew.

Here is your Final Quiz:

If you and you gang of friends were dropped into the middle of a Gold Mine and told, “Dig you Way to Your Dreams!”, what 3 things would you do?

Leave your Comment Below: The Winner of the Most Inventive Response will receive our Double Trouble Gold Clean Up Panning Kit featured on eBay.

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  1. Tom

    You hit the nail right on the head. Too many people just jump into the creek and start digging up holes and turning over rocks. Just like what Todd Hoffman does. A little bit of planning pays bigger dividends. Good Job Good Article.

  2. Jerry Z.

    I thought there should be more Steps than just three. Prospecting and Sampling can be considered 2 steps. Collecting and Concentrating are 2 more steps. Fine Gold Recovery skips almost all the steps needed to get any gold above 100 mesh. Now our Recount leaves us with at least 5 Steps.

    1. admin

      You do have a point however, you can cut out many of those steps buy upgrade the collection and concentrating steps with something like the Gold Cube.

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