Mini Mobile Miller Table


Here's What you Get….

  1. Heavy Duty Plastic Container with a Locking Cover
  2. 8″ Duel Riffle Green Finish Pan
  3. Long Nose Snuffer Bottle
  4. 2 Glass Display Viles
  5. Mini Miller Table
  6. Mini Pump
  7. plus ½ Pound Bag of Premium Gold Concentrate w/ Real Gold Added

So far our Product Reviews are rolling in. Every review we got, our customers love the product. Some love the size. Some love the Pre-Wash Scoop Cup and others want to know if they can take their 8″ Clean Up Gold Pan to there nearby creek.  The Top Comment was how they loved the entire package, everything you need to clean your gold paydirt… this comment says it all..

I hope you take me up on this very special offer.



“OK, so I got your Mini Gold Miller Table. You know I currently use a Martin Table. Now I don’t know what to do with my Martin Table. This Little Thing has it all. I think the Pre-Wash Scoop is great. I love how the table actually drains into the Gold Pan. The Long Nose Snuffer Bottle is so much easier to use then that cheap paint brush Martin gives you.  The Heavy Duty Box with the locking cover is genius. However the most impressive thing is the Gold Paydirt you Included. It really has nice gold in several sizes. You see gold when you clean the paydirt in the Pre-Wash Scoop, when you Pan with the 8″ Gold Pan before you move to the table to get the fine gold. Great Product that delivers. I’m going to get 2 more of these for my Grandkids for Christmas. Keep up the Good Work.”

“Hey Chris just got your Mini Miller Table for testing. I didn’t fall for your trick of including your own Gold Paydirt. Your Gold Paydirt is much cleaner then some of the stuff you get at EBay. So I took a paydirt bag that I bought in January. When I tried to pan the paydirt before I got your Mini Water Table if found the stuff was so full of clay and dirt that it took so long to clean that it just wasn’t fun. So I used that Dirty Pay Dirt to put your Mini Water Table to the test.  All I can say is WOW.  That Pre-Wash Scooper thing did a great in cleaning the concentrates. The 8 inch Gold Pan was nice to use and the snuffer bottle really sped up things.  Your table is cool and works great. It’s going right in the RV after I finish typing this. PS… the room I’m saving on this water table leaves me space to store my PlayStation and Games… The wife is going to love you for this… LOL”

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 10 x 4 cm